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On this page you will find a collection of activities that will help engage and keep interaction with you amateur radio club. We have broken down the activities by topic.

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Club Activities and Handouts

Once you have your club setup and established, what is the next step? Well, one of the more important things is to keep your club engaged and excited with different efforts and/or activities. The following is a listing of different activities your club members can do to help create the spirit of friendly competition, as well as, engaging in learning.

Communicating with Other HAMS

Simulate Communications
In this activity, the students in the room will go around and simulate as if they were talking on the radio. We will have a simulation for connecting and checking onto a NET, as well as, a sample DX communication session. Also, see (Vanity Call Sign Handout)

Engaging the Students

Tape Measure Yagi Beam
This is the handout that has the parts and tools list, as well as, the detailed instructions for building the antenna with your class. This handout is to accompany the Tape Measure Yagi Beam topic.
Design a QSL Card
Have each student design their own QSL card. This can even be done before they get their license if you assign each student a fake "Vanity" call sign. Also, see (Vanity Call Sign Handout)
Vanity Call Sign Activity and Handout
A page you can print and give to the students that explains Vanity Call Signs. Before they receive their license and call sign, you can establish "fake" vanity call signs to be used to practice.

International Space Station

Spot the Station (ISS)
In this activity, you will have your members come up with the best plan for viewing the next fly over of the International Space Station in your area.

Playfair Cipher

Playfiar Cipher Presentation
This presentation is used with the topic (Playfair Cipher). It describes in detail how the cipher works and can be used to introduce this topic to your students. You can preview the presentation on the Playfair Cipher Topic page (link above).
The Playfair Cipher
This handout is used with the topic (Playfair Cipher) as part of the presentation describing how the cipher works. You can use this to explain decoding and encoding the messages. You should only provide the first 3 pages to the students, the remainder of the document is for teacher's notes.
Kennedy Playfair Cipher Practice
This handout is used with the topic (Playfair Cipher) as part of the presentation, and provides a practice worksheet for the students. See the notes in the presentation as to when to provide this handout or go over it with the kids during the presentation.

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