8 Weeks to Technician License


The 2014 - 2018 Technician license exam question pool contains 426 questions divided into 10 subelements (T0 - T9) that are subdivided into 35 topics. In order the pass the exam, one must pass 26 of those 35 questions (or 75%) of test. If you are meeting with your group weekly for 2 hours, this program, The Bacon Station's 8 weeks to the Technician License will help you work with your group to get them to pass the exam.

With this fast paced course, it will be required that the student of the course, spend some time outside of class working on the content. This includes, additional review of the material, practice tests and flash cards. Also, if you let the students know in advance as to the next topics being convered, they can look ahead to keep on track.

Agenda (Course Syllybus)

  • Printable Agenda / Course Progress Work Sheet

Week 1 - Course Introduction, What is expected, Let's Get Started

Week 2 -

Week 3 -

Week 4 -

Week 5 -

Week 6 -

Week 7 -

Week 8 -

Week 9 - Review / Testing Day